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January 18, 2019
Season 2 episode1: Brother.

This clearly shows sign of scrambling after the disastereous season 1.
It was a passable episode if you just try to ignore the "Mary Sue" character Burnham. They seems just to over do everything, but I'm happy we got the rest of the bridge crew involved. Now I just hope we get to learn those characters some more.

I would have expected some more anamocity towards Burnham though from the transfered crew and Pike towards Burnham. Not to mention a great deal of mistrust to her. She might have been part of the armistage with the Klingon's but then she is also the one starting the war which must have killed a whole lot of people massing in several millions if not measured in trillions.

Here are probeably the things writers, producers and critics don't understand about long running franchises like trek. There is a reason they have a huge following. Why is there such a need to destroy or under mine beloved characters? We fan's have been snickered at and ridiculed for being fan's and emersed our selves into this universe. Because we found beauty in it our even some who had a rough childhood would have found refuge in. Star Trek has had a number of different itterations with several different writing teams. So the whole world is kind of a mess but all of pre, JJ trek have tried to be true and respectful not to damage the long running story of this franchise. So there is always great apprehension towards new itterations and pushback of any changes. When we start to trust you aren't going to do any harm then we are also the best fan's.
It really shows a great disrespect towards people just to change everything up and drag in known characters and slap on a Star Trek logo and think it will make it Star Trek.

I understand the visiual upgrades. I understand the need to bring in a new audience. But what I don't understand is why every race, cultur and known characters need to change their values and characteristic that is loved.

I am really worried what you will do to Spock.

Some basic understanding of science and the already established science in this franchise would also be nice since it is a "science-fiction" show, so it doesn't just turn into some sort of weird magic.

I really hate Burnham, so it is really hard to enjoy this show since it is all centered around her.

I know what they are trying to do with her character, show girls that they can do everything they want and empower women. The only thing I see though. She can't be taught anything because she knows everything, that she don't need to work for anything. The whole universe revolves around her and the universe just bend so she is given everything. Now she is going to fix Spock because she is perfect and Spock is just beloved character because Burnham ofcause fixed him. I guess it is important to point out males are born wrong and always needs fixing.
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